Flag of Iran (Src: Wikimedia Commons)

A Brighter Future for Iranian Nonproliferation?

The Czech visit is one of several signs that Iran is sticking to its commitments under the international nuclear deal made last year.

Upcoming Event Washington DC

New Course for USG Practitioners

Course will cover urgent current issues such as Iran, North Korea, and the Nuclear Security Summit.

Iran Preparing for Possible Rocket Launch

Satellite analysis indicates an imminent test by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Iran Deal Provides Greater Opportunity for Regional Stability

In an unstable Middle East neighborhood, most people hope for the best and plan for the worst.

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano

A Turning Point in the Iran File: Implementation Day

With new IAEA report, the Iran Deal’s “Implementation Day” is now underway.

Negotiations about Iranian Nuclear Program - the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Other Officials of the P5+1 and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Iran and EU in Lausanne (Src: Wikimedia Commons)

Making Sense of the Military Dimensions of the Iranian Nuclear Program

Experts from CNS and VCDNP are available for analysis and comment.

Next Generation of Middle East Experts in Prague

The one-of-a-kind network of arms control experts reviews past projects and looks forward to the future.

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal with Sam Farr

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Conversation with Congressman Sam Farr

CNS and MIIS hosted a conversation with Congressman Sam Farr on the Iran nuclear deal on Monday, August 31.

Israel can live with the Iranian nuclear deal, can Netanyahu?

Israel can live with — and even benefit from– the Iranian nuclear deal. Can Netanyahu?

Understanding the Fuel Cycle in the Iran Agreement

CNS’s scientist-in-residence discusses the ways the Iran deal closes all possible routes to the bomb.