How Better Cancer Treatment Can Also Mean Better Nuclear Security

A report that the Islamic State almost stumbled upon radioactive material in Mosul–cobalt-60, used in radiation therapy–raises a profound dilemma about cancer treatment in developing countries.

Bad chemistry: ISIS and mustard agents

ISIS may be able to manufacture its own mustard gas, continuing a decades-long history of chemical weapons use in the region.

IAEA Iraq Inspections

IAEA Iraq Inspections: Lessons Learned and Future Implications

Hans Blix and other experts discuss lessons learned from the IAEA inspections in Iraq in the 1990s.

North Korea Nuclear / Radiological

Dirty Bombs: Not Just for Terrorists

A look at North Korea’s possible state use of dirty bombs.

Iraq Special Collection

All CNS nonproliferation content related to Iraq.

CNS article

OP#13: Trafficking Networks for Chemical Weapons Precursors: Lessons from the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s

Occasional Paper #13: New information on the illicit sale of chemical-weapons materials to Iran and Iraq during the 1980s sheds light on how international trafficking networks operate and suggests some practical steps for countering them.

Iraq Missile-Related Issues

Reports of Iraq’s missiles program face discrepancies as unilateral destruction of special warheads does not provide correct figures.

Iraq Chemical Weapons

The extent of Iraq’s attempts at producing the nerve agent, VX, is the next priority.

Iraq Concealment

Multiple investigations have discovered that Iraq had a centrally controlled mechanism tasked with concealing material and activity proscribed by Security Council resolutions.

Iraq Documents

UNSCOM seeks document from Iraqi side in order to have a full understanding of the way those weapons were conceived, produced and in some cases destroyed.