UN High Representative Kim Won-soo with CNS Director William Potter

UN High Representative Kim Won-soo on Global Threats and Challenges

From North Korea to the Middle East, the senior UN official gave an overarching view of the contemporary security environment.

Upcoming Event: Monterey, California

Private Industry and the Future of Strategic Trade Control Outreach

FEBRUARY 9, 2016: Seminar with Stephanie Lieggi and Robert Shaw of CNS.

Upcoming Event: Monterey, California

Arms Control as a Tool in Promoting International Security?

FEBRUARY 3, 2016: Seminar with Frank A. Rose, the Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance.

Upcoming Event: Monterey, California

The State of Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation: Problems and Prospects

JANUARY 21, 2016: Seminar with Mr. Kim Won-soo, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs

CIF Online Teachers Workshop

2015-16 CIF Online Teachers Workshop

The 2015-16 Critical Issues Forum Project started with an online teachers’ workshop.

New Dual-Degree Program with Russian University

New Dual-Degree Program with Russian University

Joint studies in nonproliferation, terrorism, and international affairs, undertaken in Monterey and Moscow, to begin in 2016.


Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists Network (MENACS)

Young Middle Eastern professionals to work with delegations at the Biological Weapons Convention.

Nonproliferation Training

Fall Visiting Fellows Complete Nonproliferation Training

CNS hosted six visiting fellows from Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Mali, Pakistan, and South Africa, and a Fulbright researcher from Turkey for nonproliferation training.

Proliferation and Trade Management Awareness Seminar for Cambodian Officials

Proliferation and Trade Management Awareness Seminar for Cambodian Officials

CNS seminar in Cambodia aimed to build nonproliferation awareness and capacity in Southeast Asia.

Ambassador Robert Mikulak, CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Washington, DC office (Source: OPCW)

Leading WMD Experts Named CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholars

CNS welcomes Ambassador Robert Mikulak and Carlton Stoiber to our Washington, DC office.