CNS Researcher Speaks on Nuclear Terrorism at Russian Duma

An overview of the international seminar, Countering Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism, that was held at the Russian State Duma.

Radical Leveling Technologies Major Jen Snow

Radical Leveling Technologies

Video of Major Jennifer Snow talking about emerging disruptive technologies and their impact on society, marketplaces, governance and defense.

"Six Visiting Fellows Complete Nonproliferation Training at CNS"

Six Visiting Fellows Complete Nonproliferation Training

Fellows from all over the world worked in an intensive nonproliferation training program specifically tailored to the Visiting Fellows Program.

"MIIS Alumni Meet at the Open-Ended Working Group on Disarmament" Feature Image

MIIS Alumni Meet at the Open-Ended Working Group on Disarmament

CNS Director Bill Potter with CNS alumn, Costa Rica’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

The Pentagon, US Department of Defense, WikiMedia Commons

Issues in Nonproliferation: One-Week Course for US Government Personnel

The next course, “Issues in Chemical and Biological Weapon Nonproliferation” will be held June 27 to July 1.

CIF participants from Japan, the United States and Russia at Santa Catalina School

High School Students Discuss Nuclear Dangers and Solutions with Dr. William Perry

The Former US Secretary of Defense met with students and teachers from Japan, Russia and the US.

Upcoming Event Washington DC

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at 20

MAY 5, 2016: Lectures on the topic – Prospects for Ratification and the Enduring Risks of Nuclear Testing

Miles A. Pomper, Elena Sokova, Ibrahim Abdulmajeed, Margarita Sevcik, Hubert Foy.

CNS Holds First Nuclear Security Capacity Building Workshop in Africa

Workshop on nuclear security, regimes, policies, challenges and how to address them.


Radical Leveling Technologies: What They Are, Why They Matter, and the Challenges to Come

APRIL 25, 2016: Seminar with Major Jennifer Snow, Chief of Air Force ISR Integration for Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation.

Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown Joins High-Level US-Russian Workshop in Monterey

CNS hosted a high-level US-Russian Dialogue on Nuclear Issues, April 8-9, 2016.