Margarita Sevcik Articles

Fall 2016 Visiting Fellows. From left to right: Mr. Xin Zhang (China), Ms. Sylvia Mishra (India), Ms. Oluwadamilola Ogunjobi (Nigeria), Mr. Nasser Moudden (Morocco), and Mr. Belgacem Addoum (Morocco).

Fall 2016 Visiting Fellows Session Commences in Monterey

OCTOBER 14, 2016: CNS welcomed five new visiting fellows from China, India, Morocco, and Nigeria this semester.

CNS Director Bill Potter with Spring 2015 Visiting Fellows

CNS Fellows Spring 2015 Program

The CNS Fellows Spring 2015 program draws to a close with six graduates from Bulgaria, Pakistan, Columbia, China, and Yemen.

CNS Conducts Seminar on Radiological Source Security in Georgia

Government representatives address problems of securing radiological sources and radioactive waste management in Georgia.

Kyrgyzstan Government Ousted

An announcement on national television was made stating the Prime Minister & the entire government resigned.