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Russian Cruise Missiles and Implications for USNATO

Russian Cruise Missiles and Implications for US/NATO

A new round of Russian cruise missile tests are stirring up yet another source of contention between the United States and Russia.

Nuclear Weapons and European Security: Dr Bruno Tertrais

Nuclear Weapons and European Security

Video Lecture with Dr. Bruno Tertrais and Dr. Nikolai Sokov on February 24, 2015.

Museum of the Great Patriotic War Kiev Ukraine Sep 2013. (Src: Calflier001, Wikimedia Commons)

The “Return” of Nuclear Weapons

Nikolai Sokov spells out three ways that nuclear weapons feature in the Ukraine crisis.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen outlined changes in the alliance security structure at a summit in Wales September 4.

NATO’s Post-Ukraine Nuclear Policy—The NATO Summit

This week’s NATO summit may mark a turning point away from US-Russian arms control and could lead to a renewed emphasis on nuclear weapons.

NATO Nuclear Dilemma: NATO Ministers of Defense and of Foreign Affairs meet at NATO headquarters in Brussels 2010

Russia’s Actions Resolve NATO Nuclear Dilemma — For Now

Changes to NATO’s defense posture are likely to involve a strengthening of its conventional, rather than nuclear deterrent.

Nikolai Sokov

Why Russia Calls a Limited Nuclear Strike “De-escalation”

If Russia were faced with a large-scale conventional attack that exceeded its capacity for defense, it might respond with a limited nuclear strike.

ICBM Test Launch, Wikimedia Commons

Russia and the INF Treaty: An Alternative Interpretation

Some allege Russia is violating the INF Treaty. Other explanations deserve consideration, according to Senior Fellow Nikolai Sokov.

The New US Plans for Missile Defense: Enough to Reinvigorate US-Russian Arms Control?

A decision to cancel a controversial interceptor is unlikely to overcome the missile defense obstacles that have stalled US-Russian arms control.

President Barack Obama Wikimedia Commons

Critical Questions: Urgent Decisions for the Second Obama Administration

CNS experts propose nonproliferation and disarmament priorities.

NATO-Russia Disputes and Cooperation on Missile Defense

As the 2012 NATO Summit draws near, the lack of agreement between the Alliance and Russia stands in contrast to the promise of the last summit in 2010.