William Potter’s Articles

CTBT 20th Anniversary Events in Vienna

“CTBT@20” addressed the future of the treaty and concrete actions to be taken to obtain its long delayed entry-into-force.

MIIS Alumni Meet at the Open-Ended Working Group on Disarmament

CNS Director Bill Potter with CNS alumn, Costa Rica’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown Joins High-Level US-Russian Workshop in Monterey

CNS hosted a high-level US-Russian Dialogue on Nuclear Issues, April 8-9, 2016.

UN High Representative Kim Won-soo with CNS Director William Potter

UN High Representative Kim Won-soo on Global Threats and Challenges

From North Korea to the Middle East, the senior UN official gave an overarching view of the contemporary security environment.

CNS Director in Cuba

The purpose of the visit was to explore possible collaboration between CNS, Middlebury and Cuba’s Higher Institute of International Relations.

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal with Sam Farr

Assessing the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Conversation with Congressman Sam Farr

CNS and MIIS hosted a conversation with Congressman Sam Farr on the Iran nuclear deal on Monday, August 31.

CTBTO Eminent Persons in Seoul

CNS Director William Potter facilitated a meeting of the CTBTO Eminent Persons Group in Seoul, South Korea.

Rose Gottemoeller: Officials Praise MIIS at 2015 Carnegie Conference

High Ranking Officials Praise MIIS at 2015 Carnegie Conference

Statements by Rose Gottemoeller, US undersecretary of state for arms control & Lassina Zerbo, executive secretary of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty

US and Iran Flags (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Media Advisory: Understanding the Final Iran Agreement

Experts from CNS and VCDNP are available for comment on a range of aspects pertaining to the final Iran nuclear deal and its implications.

An Oral History of the Nunn-Lugar Program

Kazakhstan hosts a three-day conference to discuss cooperative efforts to secure and eliminate WMDs.