CNS Occasional Papers

Replacing High-Risk Radioactive Sources

OP#23: Replacing High-Risk Radiological Materials

Occasional Paper #23: CNS researchers offer governments a roadmap to replace high-risk radioactive sources with non-isotopic alternatives.

Middle East map

OP#22: A Blueprint to a Middle East WMD Free Zone

Occasional Paper #22: A CNS report offers legal, technical, and organizational proposals to negotiations and implementation of a WMD-free Middle East.

Biotechnology E-commerce

OP#21: Biotechnology E-commerce: A Disruptive Challenge to Biological Arms Control

Occasional Paper #21: Researchers find biotechnology e-commerce has significantly disrupted the effectiveness of export controls.

Countering Nuclear Commodity Smuggling

OP#20: Countering Nuclear Commodity Smuggling: A System of Systems

Occasional Paper #20: This study recommends action to prevent nuclear smuggling to Iran, North Korea, and other countries seeking nuclear weapons.

Cesium 137

OP#19: Alternatives to High-Risk Radiological Sources

Occasional Paper #19: Sustainably preventing terrorism means finding substitutes for high-risk radiological sources, such as cesium chloride in blood irradiators.

OP#18: Stories of the Soviet Anti-Plague System

Occasional Paper #18: CNS researchers reveal the anti-plague system in Russia and how it was reported by western media.

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OP#17: Ugly Truths: Saddam Hussein and Other Insiders on Iraq’s Covert Bioweapons

Occasional Paper #17: Scholars can evaluate the thinking of Saddam Hussein thanks to captured records.

OP#16: Rethinking Spent Fuel Management in South Korea

Occasional Paper #16: 12 practicable recommendations for South Korea, the 5th-largest nuclear energy producer and a major nuclear power plant exporter.

OP#15: Engaging China and Russia on Nuclear Disarmament

Occasional Paper #15: Analysis and recommendations on how to place Beijing and Moscow on “the road to zero.”

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OP#14: Nuclear Challenges and Policy Options for the Next US Administration

Occasional Paper #14: Papers by participants of the Monterey Nonproliferation Strategy Group meeting on August 20-21, 2008.