Ambassador Robert Mikulak, CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Washington, DC office (Source: OPCW)

Leading WMD Experts Named CNS Distinguished Visiting Scholars

CNS welcomes Ambassador Robert Mikulak and Carlton Stoiber to our Washington, DC office.

Industrial Development and Dual-Use Capabilities

Industrial Development and Dual-Use Capabilities in Southeast Asia

CNS hosted a roundtable discussion in Jakarta identifying the prevalence of new dual-use commodities.

Training Course for Professionals in Chemical, Biological Weapons

CNS Deepens Background of USG Personnel in Chemical, Biological Weapons

CNS offered US government a one-week course on key issues relating to chemical and biological weapons.

Upcoming Event Washington DC

Short Course: Issues in Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation

Applications are due September 4 for the next course in our 2015 series designed for practitioners in the field of WMD nonproliferation.

Radiological and Nuclear Security Tutorial

Online CBRN Awareness Training – Five Lessons Learned

We learned five lessons through the “Project 10” course on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

Middle East map

#22 A Blueprint to a Middle East WMD Free Zone

A new CNS report offers legal, technical, and organizational proposals to negotiations and implementation of a WMD-free Middle East.


Tracking Growth in Dual Use Commodities in Southeast Asia

New research aims to help the region prepare for upcoming WMD proliferation challenges.

Biotechnology E-commerce

#21 Biotechnology E-commerce: A Disruptive Challenge to Biological Arms Control

Researchers find biotechnology e-commerce has significantly disrupted the effectiveness of export controls.

WMDFZ event thumb

WMDFZ in the Middle East: What Now?

CNS will host a panel event during the NPT Review Conference to explore ways toward a Middle East zone free of weapons of mass destruction.

Capitol Building in Washington DC

Amy Smithson Testifies before Congress on Biological Weapon Threats

CNS Senior Fellow testified on the upcoming Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference and bioweapon threats to the US.