Robots at a tech conference

The End of Military-Techno Pax Americana?

Washington’s strategic responses to Chinese AI-enabled military technology.

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The Bomb in College Classrooms

“We’re not teaching students enough about weapons of mass destruction—and it shows,” warns CNS expert Sarah Bidgood.

Nikolai Sokov at the event

The Hague Code of Conduct: Multivector Expansion

At a UN event, Dr. Nikolai Sokov discusses risky but valuable changes to the missile regime.

North Korea flag on a computer screen

Judge Juche: How North Korean Front Companies Sell Their Software to the World

The global reach of North Korean IT companies challenges those seeking to comply with sanctions on North Korea.

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Answering Threats with Threats

Iranian fears of biological weapons may be driving their offensive development.

Daily Beast

How Trump Used Classified Intel to Troll Iran

If Donald Trump wants to disclose secrets to the Russian ambassador, or to the entire world via Twitter, he may do so. But at a massive cost to the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

Nuclear test at Yucca Flats, Nevada. Source: National Atomic Veterans of America (

Nuclear Testing Is a Thing of the Past… Right?

A small but influential contingent of senior officials believes we should start testing again.

At a Russian Foreign Ministry celebration of Amb. Timerbaev's 90th birthday

In Remembrance of Ambassador Roland Timerbaev

It is with great sadness that I acknowledge the passing of a giant in the field of nonproliferation diplomacy.

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A Mysterious Explosion Took Place in Russia. What Really Happened?

Russia’s catastrophic test of a nuclear-powered missile proves that a new global arms race will mean new nuclear accidents.

Behavioral Economics and Nuclear Weapons book cover

Behavioral Economics and Nuclear Weapons

New book shows how nuclear choices deviate from “rational” decision making.

Assistant Secretary Ford giving a lecture

Assistant Secretary Ford on Efforts Toward a Middle East WMD-Free Zone

The US representative calls for “practical steps and confidence-building measures.”

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Additive manufacturing (src: Shutterstock)

WMD Capabilities Enabled by Additive Manufacturing

Developments in 3D printing could spur the spread of chemical and biological weapons and WMD delivery systems.