Nonproliferation Review • 26.5/6

Volume 26 • Numbers 5/6


Joshua H. Pollack and Rhianna Tyson Kreger


In Memoriam: Roland Timerbaev

William H. Potter


David M. Allison and Stephen Herzog

SPECIAL SECTION: The shifting South Asian nuclear landscape

Introduction to the special section
Sumit Ganguly

India’s emerging space assets and nuclear-weapon capabilities
Rajeshwari Rajagopalan

Acrimony, asymmetry, and the Sino-Indian nuclear relationship
Susan Haynes

Pakistan’s nuclear non-revolution
Diana Wueger

India’s nuclear revolution: New Delhi’s nuclear learning and the future of deterrence
Frank O’Donnell

A force in being: the history, evolution, and consequences of India’s undersea nuclear deterrent
Yogesh Joshi


Chinese views of the nuclear endgame in North Korea
Covell Meyskens

Controlling Novichok after Salisbury: revising the Chemical Weapons Convention schedules (Open Access through December 2019)
Stefano Costanzi and Gregory D. Koblentz

Meeting the growing safeguards burden
Ian Stewart and Noah Mayhew

Figuring it out the hard way: America, France, and the challenges of allied proliferation, 1958–63
Timothy Patrick O’Donnell


First steps to initiate a cooperative denuclearization effort with North Korea
William Moon


Cross-domain Deterrence: Strategy in an Era of Complexity, edited by Jon R. Lindsay and Erik Gartzke
Reviewed by Andrew Futter

China and Global Nuclear Order: From Estrangement to Active Engagement, by Nicolas Horsburgh
Reviewed by James J. Wirtz

Armageddon Insurance: Civil Defense in the United States and Soviet Union, 1945–1991, by Edward M. Geist
Reviewed by Martin Pfeiffer